A career as a Midwife

Future career options

When you become a midwife you will have the chance to practice in a variety of health care locations and obtain rewarding experience caring for newborn babies and their mothers.  As a midwife you will have the opportunity to further your career in a number of ways.
Your qualifications and experience as a midwife will present a number of career options to you in areas where you are most interested.  As you gain more experience and your understanding and knowledge increases you can possibly move into higher midwifery positions.  These positions include unit or team manager.  This role with give you the ability to intertwine managing staff as well as hands-on roles with expectant mothers.

Other options include specialising in a specific area such as prenatal care, ultrasound or fetal medicine.  You may be interested in possibly pursuing a role as consultant midwife.  A consultant midwife gives clinical direction for other midwives across various maternity services.
You may choose to work with a university in a educating capacity, teaching future midwives.  Your midwifery career may involve practice management or maybe a board level position with an NHS trust.

Your midwife career may move you into other areas of healthcare such as a health visitor or neonatal nursing.  As a neonatal nurse you will focus on the care of women and babies who have birth related health problems such as assisting babies who have been born premature.
If you decide to become a health visitor you will work with families in their home and within a community setting. Your job will be in essence to take over from the midwife when her role finishes and promote good health focussing on young children.

What are the future prospects?

Once you have joined the NHS you’ll enjoy flexible working conditions, excellent benefits and a wealth of opportunities to develop your career. There are few professions that offer so much in terms of job satisfaction and support, as well as giving you the chance to enhance people’s lives during their times of need.